The {GITS} 6 For Call of Duty

Welcome ! .....We Would Like To Introduce You To The {GITS} Approach, Rules & General Information, Most Asked By Players In The Field. We Encourage That You Take A Few Minutes Of Your Time To Go Over The FAQ (link below) As It May Answer Any Question That You May Have. Not All Are Rules, Most Are Situational Concerns. The {GITS} Approach On The Battlefield Can Be Summed Up By 4 Basic Rules. These Are The 6 Rules That If One Simply Applies In The Field, You Will Have No Problems And Any Other Rules, Guidance Etc.... Will Fall Into Place As You Go Along With Admin Assistance.

1- CROUCH NO RUN - Simply, Crouch And Silently, Actively, Hunt Your Enemy's At All Times.....Except....

2- RUNNING - If You Hear Your Own Footsteps, You Are Running. We Run Crouch No Run Servers, You Have To Crouch To Move Around. You Are Permitted To Stand When In A Head To Head Fight, To Shoot, And Look Over Obstacles. You May Also Move Around Upright If You Are Aiming Down Your Sights (ADS). A Player Can Only Run From A Nade OR Exploding Bolt AND ONLY 2-3 STEPS!!

3- JUMPING FROM HEIGHTS – Treat The Maps As If It Were Real Life. No Jumping From Second Story Windows, Ledges, Balconies, Buses, Trucks, Etc!! Any Place That You Have To Climb A Ladder Or Stairs To Get To, You Must Use Said Stairs Or Ladder To Get Back Down!!

4- CAMPING – Camping Is Not Permitted On Our Servers….PERIOD!! We Define Camping As Sitting In A Corner, One Spot Or Another, Room, Tower, Ledge, Etc. For A Period Of Time Waiting For A Player To Happen By….We Call This Camping And Can And Will Remove Players Who Do This!!

5- PISTOLS & FLASH/CUNC NADES – Our Servers Are Setup To Deal With These. If You Use Them You Will Be Automatically Kicked For Them. To Elaborate A Little On This, You Are Not Permitted To Move Around The Map Using Your Secondary Weapons (ie: Pistols, Knives, Hatchets, Nades(ALL), Cross Bows, OR Launchers(ALL). This Too Can And Will Get You Removed From The Servers!