An Admin Is A Member Of The {GITS} Team Who Has The Authority To Oversee The Servers Operation . An Admin Also Has Full Control Over All Server Functions . When Dealing With Players , The {GITS} Admin Will Approach With Maturity , Respect And Reason Before Imposing Penalty . But He Or She Is Also Firm As Well As Fair . He Or She Must Be In Order To Maintain The Integrity Of Our Operation . We Have Every Confidence In My Admins As We've Hand Picked Them Very Carefully And We Know They Possess The Above Quality's . If They Impose Penalty , We Know It Was There Only Alternative And Have Good Reason , Therefore A Player Has No Right To Question There Decisions . If A Question Needs Clarifying , It Is To Be Forwarded To Us At : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.