{LFNY}BigUglMaco, Will, was a member of {LFNY} and was a well known map maker in the days of Cod and COD:UO.  At an early age Will was taken from his family, wife, daughter and son, Will Jr, and his large circle of personal and virtual friends by cancer.  Too young for such a good man.  We had all known Will was sick for a long time.  At times he would be playing and you could tell he was in pain and not well, but we would always say that playing helped take his mind off it.  He playing times got shorter and shorter and then times in between playing became longer.  After a while we lost touch with Will, though we had all thought about him. 

{LFNY}BigUglyMaco - Will
{LFNY}BigUglyMaco - Will

Then one day out of the blue we were playing COD2 when we saw player connect using the name BigUglyMaco.  We all became instantly excited.  Asking questions, how are you, where ya been, etc.  Then we were hit with a bomb shell.  It was his young son, just old enough to play, though his mom did not think he should.  He informed us that his dad had passed one just a couple of months previously.  He had wanted to come on to the place that he said gave his father peace towards the end and wanted to say thanks to those who knew his dad. 

The following is a note he left on the {LFNY} Forums that day:

I  have thank LFNY for being there for my Dad … he enjoyed the  ehavio allot of the People from LFNY he called friends .
You made it easyer for my Dad in his dark day’s. I and my Sis and Mom are really thankfull for that.
I think some  behaviour(comments) from my Dad about LFNY would be a good way to Tell how he felt :

-   "Sorry Dear I am not commin to bed tonight I am plain CoD1/2!"
-   "Hey Will come and watch this!"
-  "This is so much fun!"
-  "I have pain but this makes me feel good!"
-  "Angel did you c that shot from …..!"
-  "Come Son now you take over!"

These are just a fiew of em, But most of all I remember Is his Smile wen he played . It was a smile without pain or worry’s.

Thank you from the  ehavi of BigUglymaco better known as Will.

Ps : Sryy for my bad English. But i hope it is good enough so the people understand it.

Will Jr.

Will, your legacy lives on in your son and daughter!  Those of us who knew you and played with you, have your laughter and kind demeanour forever etched in our memories!  Until we meet again, Friend!