Who are the {GITS} and what is G.I Tactical Squad?

The {GITS} or G.I. Tactical Squad, started as a clan of close friends who all came together playing the games we all love....the Call of Duty Series.

We have played together from COD:UO, to COD:2 to COD:MW, COD:W@W, COD:MW2, then COD:BO and COD:MW3. We have also branched out to Verdun (beta)  and World of Tanks. We are a Tactical Squad and prefer to play a stealth style of game.

We do not run and gun, nor do we do bunny hopping or diving while fighting(This is exempt in Verdun due to nature of the game). For more info on this and other server rules, please check our FAQ's Section.

The founding {GITS} are three friends (NewfieCrash, TheShadow, &TheCleaner) who decided to create their own gaming clan.  The {GITS} founders, known as Senior Admins{SA}, run the clan equally instead of having a single person in charge. Assisting the Senior Admins are the Admin’s Advisors{AA} who help with the everyday goings on in the clan. The are responsible for making sure all servers run smoothly, from the COD Servers to WOT to Verdun, by making sure {GITS} values are upheld at all time. They also assist all Admins with any and all questions, problems, or issues that may arise. They are the go to Admins of the group.  These Admins also are responsible for answering any and all questions regarding the group, servers, and site. They also helps to maintain {GITS} Values on all servers, but also is responsible for directing new players to correct channels/people in the group. The PR Admin also assists in hand picking new recruits for the group and directs them to the proper channels/people.